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Do I need to be accompanied or can I use the cap on my own?

Yes, you can use the headset on your own. However, this is not the easiest route. We recommend that you be accompanied by a trustworthy person, preferably in good physical condition, as the cooler is heavy - around 22.5 to 34 kg (50 to 75 lb) of ice, plus the weight of the cold caps and cooler. Although the cooler is equipped with wheels, you still need to transport it outside and load it into your vehicle. The contents of the cooler must be handled each time the cold cap is changed. We therefore recommend that, if possible, you be assisted by someone energetic, as in reality, the capper's rest time is usually only 7 to 10 minutes between cold cap changes. In the U.S., professional capper services are available at an average rate of $500 per day. However, this service is not yet available in Quebec.


If your care center does not generally authorize the presence of a companion, consult question X of the Decision Support Tool (<a href="https://gardetescheveux-staging.netlify.app/en/outils/" target="_blank">Tools</a> section) to find out how to obtain such authorization. Also downloadable in the same section is a waiver sample.

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