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The fondation Garde tes cheveux

Garde tes cheveux is an independent registered charity whose mission is to inform and help chemotherapy patients who wish to keep their hair during treatment. Garde tes cheveux also has a mission to inform and train clinicians throughout Quebec.

Our four pillars of action

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    Accompaniement and support for individuals wanting to keep their hair despite chemotherapy

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    Knowledge sharing

    Information and training for affected people, clinicians and the population.

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    Financial support

    Financial support for affected people wanting to use the technique.

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    Mutual aid

    Peer networking and experience sharing.

A recognized organization


Why ?

Around 8% of women refuse chemotherapy for fear of hair loss.<i class="fa-sharp fa-solid fa-circle-info" onclick="toggleRef()"></i><div class="reference" id="info-ref">Kadakia, K.C. et al., « Supportive cryotherapy : A review from head to toe », Journal of Pain and Symptom Management, vol. 47, no 6, 2014, p. 1100-1115. Roe, H., « Scalp cooling : Management option for chemotherapy-induced alopecia », British Journal of Nursing, vol. 23, no 16, 2014, S4-S8.</div> Offering an alternative promotes adherence to conventional treatments. We inform and equip you for informed decisions and aim to eliminate the idea of ​​hair loss as the only option.

Board of Directors

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The use of a cooling cap is not suitable for everyone, but each individual has the right to be adequately informed of the existence of this option to judge for themselves.